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Limited Edition Black Canvas Lamp with Desk Clamp

  • Patented device works with any smart phone.

  • 6-axis positioning system allows you to get any angle with ease.

  • Innovative spinning camera plate makes fine-tuning camera orientation super simple.

  • Built-in “bright and airy” ring light creates perfect lighting every time

  • Dimmable light and three-color temperatures make it easy to match light to any environment

  • Comes with clamp to attach to desk (up to 2” thick).

  • Ideally designed for 3 modes: Activity Mode (Overhead Video), Interview Mode, and Time-lapse Mode.

Light Specifications

We've fine tuned Canvas to provide optimal options for shooting video.

The light is fully dimmable, with a maximum output of approximately 1,200 lumens. This is about the same brightness as a 100W incandescent bulb. The long-life rated LED is rated for 25,000+ hours of use

The light has three interchangeable color temperatures:
+ ~6000K (daylight balanced)
+ ~4400K (neutral)
+ ~2700K (warm light)

Film Modes

The patented device works with any smart phone and features 6-axis positioning system allows you to get any angle with ease. Innovative spinning camera plate makes fine-tuning camera orientation super simple. Ideally designed for 3 modes:
+ Activity Mode (Overhead Video)
+ Interview Mode
+ Time-lapse Mode.

Lamp Dimensions

Canvas can reach a maximum of about 22" above your workspace. For best results, we recommend keeping the lamp/phone about 18” above the surface of your work - at that height, you should be able to film at least a 2’ square area of workspace.
+ The ring light is about 6” in diameter.
+ The arms are both about 13” in length.
+ The lamp/phone holder weighs about 5lb.
+ The weighted wood base is 8” in diameter and about 1.5” thick, and weighs just over 5lb.

Phone Compatibility

Canvas is compatible with any smart phone - however, we can't guarantee that it will work with every shape and size of phone case. Canvas is built with several mounting options to ensure any phone works, regardless of the position of the phone's camera.

The included smart phone clamp can extend to a maximum width of 3.25".

The lamp can support a maximum phone weight of 350g or 12.3oz.

If you have a webcam, action camera, projector, or small mirrorless camera that is under these limits and has a standard tripod mount, chances are, it will work with Canvas!

Unfortunately, currently larger devices like tablets or DSLR cameras are probably not compatible without user modifications (we do not recommend this ;)

*NOTE* If you are using a Google Pixel, you may have issues with the clamp pressing a button on the side of your phone. If this is the case, reach out to us a - we have created a custom attachment that will prevent the button from being pressed that we can ship with your order!

In the Box

+ Patented Canvas Lamp with 6-axis positioning
+ Spring Loaded Phone Clamp
+ Desk-mounting clamp
+ Mounting accessories

Overhead Tripod, Lighting, Plus Some

Canvas is meant to replace $5,000+ in gear - but also to reclaim coveted real estate in your workspace. Professional gear that looks…nice. Get the job done - but don’t harsh your vibe, yo. 

Be Done With DIY Lighting Solutions!

Get your camera exactly where you need it! Why is it SO hard to get the camera where you want it? We’ve re-thought this whole “overhead camera mount” thing and concluded - it really doesn’t have to be that hard.

Over 30,000 😁 Happy Creatives. Be done with DIY 💡 lighting today

I just want to hop on here and say how much I love this lamp. Genius design, and the magnetic phone mount is... wait for it... chefs kiss 🤌 10/10 would recommend

Chelsi A.

The fact that this is an all-in-one has made my YEAR. This is the official "TREAT YO SELF" gift to, for myself.

Brytanie J.

I am OBSESSED. What an amazing product that I believe ALL small business owners should have! It is perfect for reel creating, and being an artist, it is perfect for ART creation.

Sarah E.

I make a lot of hands-on videos about restoring vintage electronic gear. I knew when I saw your FB ad I had to get one! It works PERFECTLY for my videos!

Dave S.

I LOVE your product! I'm so glad I bought this last year, especially now that video is such a huge component of social media! :)

Kate S.