Get Your Essential CANVAS Creator Bundle

We Know the Struggle.

You want to create more content, but you can't stand the process. The clunky tripod, the oversized lights - the process can be maddening.

Make life easier and get CANVAS -

👇Included in the CANVAS Essential Creator Bundle👇

White CANVAS Lamp with Matte White Metal Base

Reclaim precious real estate on your workspace and focus on your work - NOT on your equipment. With CANVAS, content creation is a dream -

🤸 Flexible Positioning
💡 Built-in, Dummy-Proof Lighting
💪 High Quality Metal Build
📱 Universal Compatibility
😍 Easy on the Eyes

Ditch the clunky gear and create a space that inspires.

CANVAS Remote Camera Trigger

$18 Value - FREE with Bundle

Capture photos, or start and stop video recordings on your smart phone remotely, without touching your phone.

Connect to your smart phone via bluetooth in seconds, and operate your built-in camera app with the click of a button.

Works with most 3rd party camera apps (including Instagram and Stop Motion Studio).

Essential Lighting Tips -
9 Session Mini-Course

$32 Value - FREE with Bundle

Learn the essentials of lighting with Stuart Jones, 10-year cinematographer and founder of CANVAS.

Get instant access to this essentials lighting course when you complete your purchase.

Grow in your confidence with lighting so you can be ready when your shipment arrives.