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Meet the overhead tripod that actually inspires you.

We designed CANVAS for artists and creators who want to make videos at their desk...but don't want the bulky gear. Striking a perfect balance between function and fashion, CANVAS is super simple to set up, provides perfect lighting every time, and looks good doing it! Rather than crowding your space and getting in the way, CANVAS is meant to be a welcome addition to your workspace - inspiring you to create every day.

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Welcome Wherever Work Gets Done

From the studio to the kitchen - wherever you create, CANVAS is made to fit right in. Available in black or white, with 4 beautiful wood base options, and an easy-to-clean white marble base for the messiest environments.

What Customers are Saying...

I am stunned by the excellence of the light & base I purchased...every detail done to the best degree. I can't say enough. Thank you again.

Margaret J.

I have the lamp installed by my computer and love that it’s classy looking, virtually noiseless and the lamp settings are perfect.

Kimberly S.

I love your product--it is so amazing and helpful for over the top photography. I often use the lamp as a traditional lamp too, and not just as a photography stand.

Sarah M.

I just wanted to hop on here and say how much I love this lamp. THANK YOU! Genius design, and the magnetic phone mount is… wait for it… chefs kiss

Chelsi A.

I really do love this lamp- it’s been a game changer as a teacher and for my own personal projects.

Romina F.