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Limited Edition Canvas Lamp with Weighted Marble Base


Limited Edition Canvas Lamp with Marble Base - Due to high order volume, please allow up to 5 business days for processing and order fulfillment. 

Introducing the newest addition to the CANVAS family, our weighted marble base!!!  And this is NOT faux-marble - this is the real deal! 100% genuine white marble base golden metal accents.  Works with all CANVAS lamps, and adds both form and function to your CANVAS lamp set-up: 

- Heavier 6lb base gives further reach than our wood and steel bases, even while using large smart phones. 

- Kitchen ready - glossy surface is easier to clean, and repels liquids, making it perfect to use in messier environments.

- Beautiful white marble with natural veining adds an elegant feel to any workspace.

- Works with any CANVAS lamp, including all desk clamp versions.