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Here's How it Works...

1.) Place Canvas on Desk

Put Canvas on your desk and tweak the positioning to get the light just right.

2.) Put Your Phone In

Attach phone with the provided clamp, and tweak the angle as needed.

3.) Do Your Thang

Capture a time-lapse, record a tutorial, etc.! Spend your time creating, NOT going cross-eyed.

Take Back Your Desktop

Canvas is meant to replace $5,000+ in gear - but also to reclaim coveted real estate in your workspace. Ditch the gear and create a space that inspires.

Get the Camera Exactly Where You Want It

Why is it SO hard to get the camera where you want it? We’ve re-thought this whole “overhead camera mount” thing and concluded - it really doesn’t have to be that hard.

Built-In, Dummy-Proof Lighting

Bright. Clean. Airy. All words describing the look you want. Coincidentally, also words foreign to your average desk lamp. Canvas solves your lighting woes for good with a built-in video light that you can’t mess up, day or night.

Strong Minimalist Vibes

Who said that all video equipment has to be dark and unattractive? Canvas is breaking the mold. Professional gear that looks…nice. Get the job done - but don’t harsh your vibe, yo. 

Overhead Tripod, Plus Some

Canvas is a revolutionary patent-pending product that changes the game for your overhead video creation. But beyond that, Canvas is ideally designed for 3 modes: Activity Mode (Overhead Video), Interview Mode, and Time-lapse Mode, making Canvas the one-stop tripod replacement for every content creator.


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