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Canvas Unboxing

Wondering what to expect when that beautiful sparkly new Canvas box arrives on your front porch? Want to make sure you got everything you need? This video demos the unboxing process and identifies everything you’ll find inside!

Setting Up for Your First Video

Ok, so you’ve opened the box, got everything out, and you’re ready to make the magic happen. What next? This video takes you through the set-up and camera positioning process and give you everything you need to know to start filming.

Dialing in the Lighting

We’ll admit - lighting can be tricky. That’s why Canvas is made to be dummy-proof in any environment. This tutorial shows you how to dial in light intensity, light color, and how to make the available lighting in your room work for you, not against you.

Intro to Selfie Mode and Interview Mode

Ready to make some talking head videos? We’re talking make-up tutorials, e-classroom situations, and everything in between. Learn how to set-up selfie mode and interview mode in this video.

Canvas Magnetic Phone Mount for MagSafe

Ready to lose the spring clamp and go hands free? If you've got an iPhone 12 or 13 equipped with MagSafe® technology, you definitely want to snag a Canvas Magnetic Phone Mount. This tutorial shows you how to install it on your Canvas lamp, and the basic functionality of the magnet when installed.