Focus Light for Beautiful Product Photos.

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CANVAS Focus Light

All New

CANVAS Focus Light

CANVAS Focus Light

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The CANVAS Focus Light creates professional lighting effects easily, and at a fraction of the cost of a full studio setup. Slide in gobos to add realistic shadows and pop on filters to change the light quality, diffusion, or color. Grab a couple CANVAS Surface Backdrops to make your setup complete and get the perfect look.

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What is Focus Light?

The Focus Light enables anyone who sells small physical products to quickly create high-quality product photos with realistic shadows and other lighting effects. The Focus Light’s effects look really good, and you get them without a full studio setup or expensive professional gear. You’ll love the aesthetic of Focus Light itself and won’t mind keeping it out instead of hiding it in a closet.

Shout-out to Etsy sellers or product photographers needing photo content for smaller items like jewelry and hot sauce… Focus Light is your new BFF.

In the box:
  • Focus Light
  • Power Cable
  • Weighted Stand
  • Gobo Starter Pack (2)

Capture Perfect Sunlight, Rain or Shine

The forecast calls for rain, but skies are always clear with Focus Light.  Turn it on and immediately create direct lighting with hard shadows, the same as if you were shooting in direct sunlight. No more waiting for the perfect light…create it yourself.

Go Ahead, Throw Some Shade

Incorporate fun texture and visual cues in your photos with our slide-in “gobos” (a fancy word for “shadow-casty-things”). Think beachy palm fronds, noonday sun coming through blinds, or soft light filtering through tree foliage. Now you can get really crazy with those profile pics. (We know you were thinking it.)

Focus Light comes with a couple of simple gobo shapes, and we’ll be releasing more gobo packs in the future.

Smartphone Friendly: No Camera Gear Required!

Don’t worry about needing a high-end camera for this - Focus Light was built to work exceptionally well with nothing more than the smartphone in your pocket or purse. Of course, we certainly welcome you to use whatever professional camera equipment you may have - but that is far from a requirement for entry.

Studio Look Without the Studio Grind

Like the original CANVAS Lamp, Focus Light was built for everyday use in the workspace you already have. No professional studio required. Combine Focus Light with our Canvas SURFACE Backdrops and you’ve built your own professional photo studio, anywhere you need it. Though we optimized Focus Light for a 2’x2’ work area, it can cover a much larger area if you push the limits.

Filter Friendly [ in development ]

Depending on the product or your desired look, you may want to change the color or softness of the light. Simply pop your magnetic filter of choice onto the front of your Focus Light, and you can create soft ambient window light or warm golden hour beams.

All Focus Lights will have built-in compatibility with these magnetic filters, which should launch in early 2024.

Meet Focus Light.

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In the box

Focus Light

Power Cable

Weighted Stand

Gobo Starter Pack (2)

What is a gobo?

A gobo is a glass plate used to shield a lens from light to create shadows. We designed specialty gobo slides that insert perfectly into the Focus Light so you can create texture and visual cues with unique shadows on your next shoot.

Focus Light comes with two gobos included in the box, but we’ll be releasing additional gobo packs as we further develop the product!

Is the Focus Light compatible with filters?

Depending on the product or your desired look, you may want to change the color or softness of the light. Simply pop your magnetic filter of choice onto the front of your Focus Light, and now you’ve got ambient window light or a warm golden hour glow.

This feature is still in development - add-on filters will be available for purchase in early

When will it ship?

The Focus Light pre-order was active from August 2023 to December 2023 and is closed, as Focus Light is now IN STOCK and available to ship immediately! Orders will ship within 3 business days of purchase!

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