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Canvas Surface Backdrops
Turn your workspace into a legit home studio with high-quality backdrops - from realistic wood and stone to more minimalist solid colors. 
Canvas Lamps and Lighting
Canvas Lamps and Lighting
The whole gang’s here! All our Canvas Lamps in one place for your browsing pleasure, plus more professional lighting products! Find the model that hits your desk goals, and start saying yes to your passion projects.
CANVAS Fam Market

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Canvas Accessories
Accessories Collection
Neat, petite tools that power up your creative flow. They slide seamlessly into your process and give your creative output an extra boost.
Bestseller Collection
Struggling to choose your lamp? Tap into the Canvas hive mind and browse these bestsellers. Our community has awesome judgment, so let their good choices inspire yours!
All New Releases
The latest and greatest! Check out all the most recent additions to our shop.  Featuring the brand new Focus Light!