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CANVAS Remote Camera Trigger


***IN STOCK!!!*** Due to high demand, please allow up to 5 business days for order processing and fulfillment

Go hands free with the CANVAS Remote Camera Trigger!  Our remote allows you to capture photos, or start and stop recording video on your smart phone remotely, without touching your phone.  Connect to your smart phone via bluetooth in seconds, and operate your built-in camera and most 3rd party camera apps (including Instagram and Stop Motion Studio) with the click of a button! 

- Go ahead, GET THOSE HANDS DIRTY - as an artist and creator, it can be hard to keep your hands clean.  With the CANVAS remote, no need to worry about getting your phone messy - operate the camera with our easy-to-clean remote, and keep that smart phone pristine! 

- SEAMLESS SOCIAL videos - lose the awkward “start-and-stop-screen-tap” when you’re making selfie social videos.  Use the CANVAS remote instead, and *magically* start and stop recording without breaking up your flow.

- DON’T LOSE THE SHOT - when you get your frame set, the last thing you want to do is accidentally move your phone and mess it up.  Keep your hands off once you get the shot set, and operate the camera remotely.

- ESSENTIAL for STOP MOTION - to make professional stop motion animation, you want to avoid touching the camera if at all possible, to reduce any camera shake.  With the CANVAS remote trigger - get your camera set, and capture your image sequence without touching your phone.

- UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE - works with the built-in camera app on most bluetooth enabled smart phones, and most 3rd party camera apps - including photography apps, video apps, stop motion apps, and social media apps like Instagram. 

The CANVAS Remote Camera Trigger works by communicating directly with your phone - with or without a Canvas lamp.  In other words, a Canvas Lamp is NOT required to use the remote (but, of course, highly recommended :) 

This remote is compatible with bluetooth enabled smart phones and tablets from Apple, Samsung, Moto, Nexus, Xiaomi, and Sony.

Remote comes with battery included (pre-installed) plus a second, replacement battery in the box!