CANVAS Button Guard

CANVAS Button Guard

CANVAS Button Guard

$ 8 .00

If you use a Google Pixel smartphone with your CANVAS Lamp, your day is about to get a little easier!

The CANVAS Button Guard is an innovative attachment that snaps onto our CANVAS phone clamps and prevents the buttons on the side of your phone from being pressed inadvertently.  Most smartphones don't require the Button Guard to work flawlessly with our clamps, but the Google Pixel's side button is...shall we say...a bit of a troublemaker.  It was designed specifically for use with the Google Pixel smartphone, but if you're having experiencing challenges with the clamp pressing the buttons on your phone, chances are the button guard will work for you too!

How it Works: 

1.) Choose your size - we have button guards for both our standard phone clamp and the extra-large phone clamp. 

2.) Easy install - simply slide the button guard over one side of your phone clamp and snap into place - no tools required! 

3.) Get to work - Insert your phone into the clamp as usual, aligning the button with the internal cavity on the button guard, and you're off to the races! 

The design of the button guard is fine-tuned to work with any Google Pixel model, and is compatible with many other smartphones - no button left behind! 

We're proud to say CANVAS is compatible with all smart phones - and the button guard makes it just that little bit more compatible with your Google Pixel! 

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